The idea of Olyvia brand was created to produce a line of cosmetics based on olive oil.

In the ancient age, the olive oil was used as a beauty care product for the skin.

Our skin every day is stressed: tight and synthetic dresses, sun, summer salty and windy weather and cold in winter. To restore our skin, it is ideal to use every day, after the shower, a good moisturizer. The use of olive oil is not a casual one: it, like all vegetable oils, forms a natural film on the epidermis that reduces water loss.

The fats of olive oil, specifically, blend perfectly with the skin’s sebum and repair the hydrolipidic mantle.

All the products have a slight and delicate scent, leaving on the skin that fragrance that remembers the childhood and laundry just made.

The antioxidant substances present in the olive oil fight free radicals and slow down the aging of the skin.

Olive oil is emollient and soothing. By regularly using olive oil products, the appearance of the first (and later) wrinkles is delayed and the skin becomes more toned and elastic.

We produce Olive Oil Shower Gel, Hand and Body Cream, Hand And Body Lotion, Soap, Hair Care Cream, Shampoo, Liquid Soap and Face Cream; all of which are without parabens, silicones and petrolatum.

Within our cosmetic products there is, only one protagonist- olive oil, which will give a surplus of nourishment to your skin by regenerating it deeply.

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